Summer vacation can be a rewarding time for children to recharge from school, enjoy family vacations, and pursue their own interests with more free time. Summer vacation can also be a vast chunk of time where students lose interest in topics and even forget recently mastered skills.

Numbers suggest that even a small amount of active learning and reading throughout the summer cannot dramatically decrease the dreaded summer slide. How can teachers and administrators help? Utilizing technology can be a wonderful way to keep your students engaged throughout the summer. Check out the following ideas and resources designed to enlighten, entertain, and most importantly, stunt the slide!

Create a Class Website

Why not create a class website to host your students’ updates all season long. Creating a website can be a fantastic way to build technical web design skills, improve writing ability, and encourage students to think creatively. Assign each student to create his or her own page. Encourage them to take and upload photos and to write about trips, events, or the mundane. Creating a website is an excellent interactive process that demands cross curricular participation.  

Try Kidblog for younger audiences or Weebly for high school age.

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Keep Up with Edmodo

If you utilize Edmodo throughout the school year, why not keep the communication open during the summer? Why the assignments may not be mandatory, you’ll be able to hook a few fish with the right projects.

Quiz Your Students

Enlist the help of Quizlet to create a summer-long competition between you and your students. This can be a great way to refresh your students’ minds with topics that you’ve covered over the past year. The platform features live, multi-player games that work to excite and motivate students.

Dragon Box

Turn math into a challenging and fun game. With more than 200 levels, the apps features algebraic and geometric puzzle games that do more than entertain. It teaches difficult concepts to students in simple and fun ways.

Scratch and Scratch Jr.

Guide your youngest coders to this great online resource that teaches anybody the basics of coding throughout interactive narratives and games.

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