The beginning of the school year is a stressful time for any parent. No matter what age your kids are, preparing them to head back to school in September is a lot of work. It’s difficult to stay organized with everyone’s schedules, especially when you have to juggle your own in addition to your children’s calendars. Most importantly, stay positive and deal with everything day by day. Try not to stress too much. Here are some tips to help you, and your kids, be more ready to start the school year! 

  • Plan out calendars

Take some time to sit down with your kids and discuss what they’d like to be involved in after school and what your schedule will look like. This way, you’ll all be on the same page and have a general idea of possible pick-up times or conflicts that could arise. If your kids are involved in sports or music, try to get a schedule of games and concerts ahead of time so you can have those dates on your calendar weeks in advance. The app, Cozi, lets you create a family calendar to enter all your events into.

  • Ease them into their schedules

It’s unlikely that your kids wake up at six or seven in the morning during the summer. You’ll need to ease them into a schedule of rising early in order to avoid struggling to get them awake once the school year begins. A couple weeks before the first day of school, begin setting their alarms back a little bit each day from their normal waking up time. Have your children adjust to this habit and by the time they need to get up for school, it won’t seem as difficult!

  • Get organized ahead of time

Instead of waiting until the last weekend before classes start, figure out what your kids need for the upcoming school year. Go shopping for school supplies ahead of the mad rush the last week or so. Sort through your children’s closets and get rid of old clothes, then take them shopping for new clothes, if needed. Encourage them to clean their rooms as well, so they can start the school year in a clean, organized space.

  • Download some helpful apps

If your kids are old enough to have smartphones, tablets, or laptops, find some apps that will help them transition back to school. An app like MyHomework automatically color codes any assignments your child enters and then also sends reminders before the due date. It syncs to an online page too, which can be accessed from a computer. Another great app is Quizlet, a free app that allows students to create flashcards or choose from those already created by other users. It’s an awesome study tool! Check out this list for more apps for the school year.

  • Begin teaching your kids

Except for kids who went to an educational summer camp or program, they might not have done much over the summer in terms of critical thinking. Help get them ready for spending the day learning in class by doing fun activities that’ll engage their brain. Maybe have a family movie night and watch a documentary, take a trip to a local museum, or create a family quiz night where they can win prizes!

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Quote by Diane Ackerman