A Look at the Evolution of Education

The evolution of education comes from many factors; the most notable being technology and advances in the job market. The phrase “teach for the jobs of tomorrow” has changed the way teachers and administrators approach learning, the content of what is taught, how that content is delivered, and the level of discipline required in the field.

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The Benefits of Inclusive Education

Think about what special education is like in your school for a moment. Do you have a classroom or program specifically for children with disabilities? Are they excluded from the rest of the children their age to learn in the special education classroom? Or, are children with disabilities in your classroom integrated with their non-disabled peers? Is there also a teacher aid present? Inclusive education is a child’s right.

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Refocusing Your Students After the Holidays

High school principal Katie Pennington knows what all teachers think after the holiday break — it’s hard to get students to focus. Work these tips into your lesson plans to make coming back to school an easier transition for both you and your students.

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Quick Guide: How to Get Your Kids School-Ready

The beginning of the school year is a stressful time for any parent. No matter what age your kids are, preparing them to head back to school in September is a lot of work. It’s difficult to stay organized with everyone’s schedules, especially when you have to juggle... read more